Statement on Cloning of Our Website

December, 2021 

As a precautionary measure, Tradeview Markets advises all clients, current and potential, against lawbreaking parties who fraudulently take basic elements of design from the Tradeview websites in an attempt to use Tradeview’s reputation in order to gain people's trust, then proceed to attempt a scam. While this warning is a general one, we are specifically warning against a company who is misrepresenting our CEO as their own.

      1. The information on the illegal acts is as follows:

      (1) A fraudulent website called "Sushi Limited" use our management team as their own.

     (2) Their approach:

  • People that allegedly fell in the scam state that they were enticed to join after being contacted by a woman who represents the company. 
  • After an initial investment they are shown their returns as a way to get them to deposit more money.
  • Once the victim tries to withdraw their funds the company stops responding to them.

     (3) This is not a legitimate business.

  • It should come to no surprise that trusting a deceptive entity is a grave risk to your money and personal information. Look for a regulated company then verify this in the regulators website:

Tradeview Markets is licensed by multiple regulators and this information can be verified directly in the regulators’ websites

     (4) Other fraudulent cloning best practices.

     2. Our company does not have any relationship with the above-mentioned company. Make sure you are only using one of the Tradeview properties (,,,,,

     3. Please contact us if you believe we are being misrepresented to let us know.

     4. If you believe you are falling victim to a scam contact the corresponding authorities/regulators of your region.

     5. Always research brokers before doing business with them. If something sounds too good to be true and there’s not much       information on the broker, be very suspicious.


Tradeview Markets

December, 2021